You are Loved


Last night I woke up in the dead of night.  I had a playlist of worship music playing while I slept, and I woke up right as one song ended and another began.  I was in that dreamy stage between asleep and awake, but I clearly remember thinking that it seemed as if the Lord woke me up on purpose to spend time with me.  As the sleep cleared from my head, I began thinking through the lyrics of the song I was hearing.  It was a song reminding me that Christ is enough for me - that his love is sufficient for me. While I was listening to the song, I heard the Holy Spirit say "You are loved."

My immediate response?  "But God..."

And then clearly once again He spoke: "There are no buts in my love."

I was a little stunned.  I couldn't believe my initial response was to compile a laundry list of reasons He shouldn't love me.  I was shocked I even needed reminding that His love is not conditional. It's not an "If you do this, then I'll love you" kind of love.  It's not even an "If you choose me, I'll love you" love.

God's love is full of even thoughs and even ifs and even whens.

Even when you are controlled by fear, you are loved.

Even though your desires remain unmet, you are loved.

Even if you haven't been to church in months, you are loved.

Even though you're still learning you can't be everything to everyone, you are loved.

Even when you feel unloveable, you are loved.

Even if bad times make you doubt my goodness, you are loved.

Even though you look to others for validation only I can give, you are loved.

Even when you refuse to forgive the ones who've hurt you, you are loved.

Even though you haven't chosen me yet, you are loved.

Even when you are rejected by man, you are loved.

Even when you continue to allow the lies of the enemy to control you, you are loved.

God's love is condition free.  His love is for everyone - even for the toughest and hardest of hearts. His is the love of a Father who can not wait to lavish His affection and good gifts on His sons and daughters.

Ask Him to show you all the ways He loves you.  He's waiting to spend time with you.  He's waiting to shatter your "But Gods" with even thoughs and even ifs and even whens and a declaration that will never change:

You are loved.