Walk in Truth



I found myself down at the altar Sunday night near a couple of youth that are dear to my heart. I felt the Lord nudge me to pray over them and place my hands on their feet. I did as He asked, but it really caught me off guard. Physically praying over them was not my original intent. I had only walked down near the altar to intercede for them and the other youth that were there.

As I knelt and grasped their feet, I asked Him what He'd have me pray. I knew there was something specific on His heart for these girls, and I wanted to know what it was. I finally realized why He led me to touch their feet – He wanted me to pray that they would walk in His truth. I only prayed for a couple of minutes, but I prayed with everything in me that they would walk in truth.

My mind has drifted back to that moment and that prayer what feels like a thousand times this week. I finally realized that the Lord was trying to get my attention, so I decided to press in and see just what He wanted me to take away from it. He reminded me what I prayed - that they would walk in truth. Then He asked me a simple question: “What has to happen in order to walk in truth?” It took me a few minutes to finally realize what He was trying to get me to understand. In order to walk in truth, you have to know the truth. Then He ever so gently reminded me that I don’t always walk in truth myself. That prayer was as much for me as it was for the girls whose feet I’d prayed over.

There are so many areas in my life where I'm still believing and living under the influence of the lies of the enemy. Areas where I don’t walk in truth. Areas where the enemy is routinely and persistently whispering untruths into my life. Identity. Self Worth. Purpose. Sin. Community. God’s character. God’s promises. The enemy is the father of all lies, and his goal is to deceive us so completely, so craftily that we forget to remember the truth of who He is, who we are, and who we are because of who He is.

The enemy loves to keep us in the dark and so completely deceived that we don’t realize that the lies we believe are actually lies. They’ve become such a rote part of our inner narrative that the lies start to feel like truth. That’s where he wants us. Dark, discouraged, disconnected, and deceived.

There is power in naming things – in bringing to light what has been hidden in the darkness of deceit. We have to know the lies we believe and then seek out the truth that refutes the lies. We have to know the truth so that we can walk in it.

For me, this means spending some time asking Holy Spirit to show me the lies I consistently believe. As He shows me lies I believe about Him and about myself, I’m digging into the Word to find the scripture that refutes the lie. Then I’m speaking that truth over myself – out loud.

It’s hard to face those lies---painful even, but there’s such power in naming them. In writing them out. In staring them down and speaking truth over them. Over and over and over again until the truth becomes so fully known in my heart, mind, and spirit that it influences everything I think and believe.

It’s time to take back the land that the enemy has stolen from us. It’s time to believe the promises of God. The enemy may have power in our lives, but he has no authority. The One who has all power and authority is alive and in us.

Let's know His truth and walk in it.