Sweeping Away


I grumbled when I saw the patches of ice on my windshield. I was already running late for work, and I didn’t want to make the time to go back inside for warm water to throw on my windshield. I reached out and touched the ice and felt its thin fragility beneath my fingers. I nodded triumphantly, hopped in the car, started the engine, turned on the defrost, and flicked on my windshield wipers to their highest speed.

The ice was spotty, so I was able to peek around it to see my way down the long, winding driveway. I trusted the combination of the heat from the defroster and the friction of the movement of the windshield wipers would clear it before I made it to the highway. But the more the windshield wipers worked, the more stubborn the ice became. It was loose enough that it was movable, but it was literally moving millimeter by millimeter across the windshield. Every pass of the wipers moved the patches of ice one teeny, tiny bit closer to the edge of the window.

As I considered how slow things were progressing for my sometimes hurry-up-and-get-done-already nature, my mind wandered back to a time this summer when another bit of progress was just as slow…

Click here to read the rest of my story over on my friend Amanda’s Holy Ordinary Collective Blog. You can also listen to her read the story on the Holy Ordinary Collective podcast here. (You should totally read it and then listen to it because Amanda does an awesome job giving life to my words!)

I am so incredibly honored to be a guest on Amanda’s blog and podcast this week (and next!)! The Holy Ordinary Collective is a podcast where Amanda features stories from other writers about naming the holy in ordinary places. The written pieces are featured on her blog, and she narrates them on her podcast. The following week on the podcast, Amanda interviews the author of the latest Collective piece. So…. that means you can hear my interview next week! YAY!

Amanda is a dear friend, and I know you’ll love her as much as I do. You can find her on Instagram! You’ll love her beautiful family, home, farm, words, and HEART. The Holy Ordinary Collective can be found on Instagram and the web and in iTunes podcasts!