He is Constant


The Lord really rocked me during my time with Him this morning. He showed me this picture of Him in Heaven. I couldn't see His face because my gaze was locked on the hem of His white robe. It was swishing back and forth in constant movement. It was so bright and light and white and there was so much movement that it was almost dizzying. He was moving, the angels were moving. Heaven was actively moving - on my behalf. He then told me that my idea of His characteristic of "constant" was not full. We often call God "constant." He's unchanging, steadfast, dependable, and faithful. We know these things to be true, but then sometimes we can't see Him moving in situations in our lives and we start to lose hope. 

He reminded me this morning that constant also means constantly moving. He's never far away. He's not standing in Heaven looking down passively at our comings and goings. He is actively and intimately involved in our lives. He is busy working in us and around us for our good and His glory. This busy isn't a distracted busy like we know in the natural. He is constantly moving in our lives on our behalf. Constantly speaking to us. Constantly surrounding us with pillars of strength to uphold us. Constantly placing us in strategic positions. Constantly protecting us. Constantly rerouting us. He is near, and He never abandons us.

Do not lose hope in Him when you can't see Him working. He's our Living Hope. That means our Hope is alive. Alive and active and constant.

He is constant, and He is constantly moving.